7 Most Sought After IT Skills Today

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The IT industry remains an ever-dynamic place for tech savvy individuals owing to high pay and vivid prospects. If individuals can sharpen their IT skills, it’s easy for them to maintain their career path that’s mounting faster than ever. Easier said than done, with numerous platforms, languages, and protocols, it’s perplexing to figure out what’s worth learning and what’s not. Based on numerous surveys and data from diversified sources, we have compiled a list of seven of the most sought after IT skills today.

1. Software/ Mobile App Development

According to the CEO of Phoenix Distribution, Simon Campbell-Young, it is crucial for an organization to utilize business software in order to perform jobs with a higher degree of efficacy, precision, and convenience. Actually, the most successful organizations at present fabricate their business processes as per the functionality found in today’s software programs.

2. PHP/ My SQL

Although PHP lacks the zing of latest Web programming technologies, still it possesses paramount significance. The language applies to over 20 million websites, including the giants, such as Facebook, Wikipedia, and others. Even websites and blogs, which are built by utilizing WordPress or Drupal, are making use of PHP.

3. Software Quality Assurance (QA) Testing

Software QA professionals are central to the software development process and are responsible for solutions, testing systems, and applications. These individuals ensure that all agreed-upon operations and procedures are abided by and that standards are kept up. With the anticipated prominence of software development, QA testers will be in tremendous demand in near future.

4. JavaScript and Related Technologies

JavaScript is highly-responsible for making the Web interactive. Especially, the upsurge of smartphones and tablets has bumped Flash from eminence. Be it the ever-widespread jQuery framework or the JSON standard, organizations require JavaScript-focused talent more than ever. In fact, JSON is the most in-demand IT skill on CyberCoders.

5. Cloud Computing

According to several analysts, the demand for cloud computing has grown considerably to the point that the skill-set has become one of the most lucrative technology skills to possess. As per the Cloud in Africa: Reality Check 2013 research study, released by World Wide Worx and Cisco, 50% of large and medium businesses in South Africa employ Cloud services.

6. IT Project Management

Merely, technical skills are not covered in the most sought after IT job skills. Maintaining infrastructure, slinging code, and designing software are indeed significant. Nonetheless, all these things become useless without having someone to scrutinize projects under process. That’s why nearly 40% of IT executives search for certified project managers, who can pull in six figures incomes.


Web is simply nonexistent without HTML. This simple markup language forms the entire Web and CSS (cascading style sheets) renders a nice appearance to everything. In addition, JavaScript adds interactive functionality. Though stagnated for a while, still HTML has made colossal advancements with HTML5 in recent years. HTML5 is apparently supported by the latest versions of all chief Web browsers.

In the ever-prospering IT industry, there is nothing more advantageous than honing your IT skills and keeping yourself updated.

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