Some Best Tools for Taxi Commuters

Written by William

Travelling through taxis consumes daily 40-50 minutes of almost every person in the big cities. Commuting via taxi around the city to reach at your destination may be boring experience for many peoples. While traveling, you can use these tools and apps for entertainment and more productivity, so your commuting will not be a boring experience. Install these applications and tools in your smartphone right now and enjoy your commuting.  The best Taxi app I would recommed you guys is Universal Taxi which is based out of Chicago , USA.

  • Tools for Commuters to use in Taxis

1)    Music Player and Good Songs:-

Hell Yeah! Listening to good music can leave boring mood miles away just install the best music player to play your songs and huge music collection in your smartphone. Listening to music while travelling will make you calm and feel fresh.

2)    Navigation and traffic app:-

Usually, cab drivers have real time information about traffic situation in the city. But it is always good to have navigation and traffic application installed in your smartphone. These apps can help you to get real-time traffic updates on the map, so you can keep track of roads and calculate the amount of time it’ll take to get through traffic.

3)    EBook Reader:-

Books will never leave you in the time of boredom. Books are perfect companions of human being. So, carrying a digital eBook reader with yourself while commuting anywhere can never let you travel in boredom

4)    Small Medical emergency kit:-

Travelling is always not safe. Accidents happen even if we take care while driving or commuting. No one can predict about the accidents. So, you should carry a small medical emergency kit. Many medical stores sell small medical kits which fit in your pocket easily. Also, it is advised to carry your ID proofs along with medical information like blood group and other vital information.

Travelling with any paid taxi service will not be a boring experience for most of you if you follow our tips. Just go ahead to the app store of your smartphone and install above said apps. Also, keep a small medical kit with yourself. If you already do so, then I can bet, you never get bored while commuting through taxi services.

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