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5 Reasons Rocket Internet Is Taking Off

Written by William

1. Betting On Emerging Markets

Rocket Internet goes into markets where many other entrepreneurs dare not tread. It has created  e-commerce platforms which are market leaders across a number of developing countries— simply because competitors don’t exist yet.

2. Mobile, Mobile, Mobile


While emerging markets and developing countries are behind the West on technology, some countries, like Kenya and Nigeria, are way ahead when it comes to mobile payments and apps. This is because many in the developing world have never had a desktop computer or laptop—their first Internet experience is on mobile.

3. Did We Mention Mobile?

With rising smartphone penetration comes the potential for consumers in emerging markets to leapfrog traditional patterns of consumption, making the leap to online shopping and especially payments and money transfers easier .

4. The Young And Restless

Many markets in which Rocket companies are growing have above-average youth populations that will be spending more and more time online—and more time shopping.

5. Little Competition

Practically no venture capitalist is investing in emerging market start-ups the way Rocket Internet is. This gives Rocket outsized opportunities to reap the benefits. Only 10% of venture capital is invested outside of China, the U.S. and Western Europe.

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