5 Ways SteamOS Will Change Gaming Forever

Written by William

There are numerous advantages to PC over console gaming. Games are, for the most part, cheaper, look much better and, when a new NVIDIA chipset is announced, you are able to switch out your old graphics card with a new one, without having to swap in your entire Playstation 3 console for its next generation. Steam and its online community of over 50 million dedicated PC gamers is finally trying to tear down the wall between your bedroom and living room, by offering you SteamOS, an operating system “for living room machines.” Here are five compelling reasons why we look forward to Steam’s plans to bring PC gaming to the living room.

Better-Looking PC Games For Your Living Room TV

The SteamOS will finally allow you to escape your office, enter your living room and take advantage of your much larger TV screen. No more hunching over a little desk with your gaming rig in the corner of your office.

A Much Larger Collection Of Cheaper Games

PC gaming has a number of advantages over traditional console gaming. For one thing, you have access to a wider variety of game titles, and you are not limited to the console’s hardware, which means that you can push your system to its limit, making games look even better and smoother. While the consoles may cost only a small fraction of what a decent gaming PC would easily rack up, individual console games will always remain a little more pricey than their PC counterparts.

Bringing Developers And Content Creators Closer To Gamers

The SteamOS will be Linux-based, which has been an active player in supporting and advocating for open-source software. This is good news for those of you excited for an upcoming SteamOS, because it is likely (but not quite for sure) that games and hardware will allow for a higher degree of customization.

Connect With One Of The Biggest Communities Of Gamers

Steam has gained quite the following since its official launch in 2003 by Valve. Over 50 million gamers have gathered online to play an ever increasing number of popular PC game titles.

A Controller With Biometric Feedback

SteamOS will be bundled with handheld controllers with biometric feedback, which means that they will be able to “sense your feelings” — i.e. your pulse, how sweaty your hands are and so on. While details are sparse on what data is being collected, we are excited to see how this integration may be able to make gaming even more immersive. Just imagine being chased by zombies who have sensed your fear.

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