5 Must Have Chrome Extensions for Students

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Most people have either used or are still using Google Chrome as their default browser. The most interesting thing about this lot is that not all of them are aware of the Chrome extensions which are available for installation. Extensions are designed to help enhance the efficiency of your browser to give you a better chance of enjoying the browsing experience. Some users have even labelled these extensions as lifesavers because of the lifelong productivity that they guarantee the users.

Installing and having to use a Chrome extension is one thing and discovering the right extension is another issue altogether. You need to know the extension that will serve you best so that you can install it for maximum efficiency. In this piece, we’ll highlight five of the must have Chrome extensions that can serve you best as a student.

1) Evernote Web Clipper

This extension goes hand in hand with the program known as Evernote. With Evernote, you have a tool that can help you to take and store your notes free of charge. The best part Evernote is that it works on almost all platforms. This extension on the other hand allows you to save your content even as you continue to browse the internet. Evernote Web Clipper works in such a way that it allows the user to: grab articles, make bookmarks and even take screenshots hence giving you an opportunity to annotate the same.

2) Better Search

The extension allows you to power up your Google search for better search results. Most students are known to do a lot of research online therefore Better Search a must have Chrome extension for this lot of students. The extension is particularly useful for the heavy searchers as it allows them to save a lot of time. With the extension, you can actually preview your search results without necessarily having to open a new tab.

3) Padlet Mini

For the extension to work properly, you must also install the web based app known as Padlet. These two work together to allow the user to create awesome digital sticky notes. With the extension, you can easily grab links to websites and then proceed to insert the same into Padlets. In actual sense, Padlet Mini is without a doubt the easiest and fastest way of collecting resources and adding them to Padlet at once.

4) Sort Smart Skin for Gmail

This extension is particularly helpful for students who have a habit of running into their inbox the first thing in the morning. The extension is designed to help you enhance your productivity as it turns your Gmail account into a Kanban-styled board where you can easily sort your emails into actionable boards.

5) DF YouTube

This app works in such a way that it hides the Video recommendations sidebar together with any sort of videos that may appear at the end of your video. In addition to this, the app also hides the comments and goes ahead to disable playlists.

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