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From months ago, there were talking about iOS 9, and how it won’t be a radical change over the last year’s iOS 8 or the two year old iOS 7 operating system. Instead, iOS 9 will focus much on improving the user experience of the operating system and also to fix and iron out bugs and issues, which were seen in the iOS 8 operating system.

The developer preview of the iOS 9 is out there already, and people with an Apple developer account can easily download, interact and experience the iOS 9 operating system, even though a couple of months remains for its official launch. And people, without a developer account, if you are impatient enough, then there are guides over the web on how to actually pre load the iOS 9 operating system on your supported Apple device, even without a developer account. However, it is not recommended though.

If you are kind of bored with the current software on your Apple iPhone, and if you are wondering “Should I sell iPhone for an Android device, or actually wait for the iOS 9 update to release?”, then today we are here with a tear down of all the important and most awaited features, that is finally coming to the iPhone’s and iPad’s with the iOS 9 software update. iOS 9 was even in the list of WWDC announcements.

1. Updates to Siri

Seriously, Siri was badly in need of an update. Siri was one of the best virtual assistant out there, a couple of years ago, but nowadays more better options like Google Now, or new and advanced virtual assistants like Cortana does simply quite a better job than what Siri does on Apple devices currently.

And to address this issue, Apple has finally brought some important updates to Siri in iOS 9. Like Google Now having a separate home screen on devices running Android, Siri has a separate screen on uour iPhone, which is to the extreme left. And at top you also get a Siri powered Search Bar, where you can search for things like a person from your contacts list, an app from the App Store or simply a restaurant nearby.

2. Updated Apple Maps

When compared to Google Maps, the Apple Maps application for iOS seemed pretty useless. And Apple has also brought in some major upgrades to Apple Maps with iOS 9, where the app will now also give you directions based on public transits and better and more accurate navigation. Much enough to catch up with the largely popular Google Maps for iOS application.

3. Better Battery Performance

Battery Life was one of the worst nightmare of any iPhone user. Well, not anymore. In iOS 9, Apple has finally introduced a Low Power Mode, which when triggered from the Settings of your iPhone, will reduce the power consumption of your iPhone to reduce battery usage and thus improve standby time. This mode will disable background app refresh and will reduce CPU and GPU load as well.

Final Words

The iOS 9 may not look quite different from iOS 8 or iOS 7. However, it has finally brought in a lot of needed features that will make using the iOS 9 operating system a really better experience. Therefore, it is quite recommended you wait until try out the iOS 9 operating system before shifting to an Android device, if you are planning to do so.

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