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The new Apple iPhone 6S bough some major upgraded as compared to the Apple iPhone 6 like the new 12 MP camera, new aluminium grade aluminium, upgraded Apple A9 processor but one feature that impressed most people is the all new 3D Touch. For those of you who don’t know, 3D Touch is a pressure sensitive technology that behaves differently when you press it with varying pressure. So if you’re planning to sell iPhone and get the new iPhone 6S with the 3D touch, here’s a small tutorial on some of the things you can do with the 3D Touch.

App functions

One of the uses of the 3D Touch is that you can perform certain functions in apps without having to launch the app. Just press a little harder on the app icon and you will see different actions popping up.

Peek and Pop

If you’re browsing your social feed and come across a link you want to open, you can first have a small preview of the webpage that would open. You can do this by pressing on the link a little harder than usual till the preview comes up. If you want to open the link, press further and the link will open in a window, this giving this feature the name ‘Peek and Pop’.

Live Photos

With the new camera, Apple featured the Live Photo Option which captures a small 3-second video instead of capturing a picture and you can then choose the perfect frame to capture. The 3D touch works very well with the Live Photo feature too. To ‘play’ a live photo, just press on the photo and you will be able to see the photo playing. A nice way to preview the live photo.

Pressure Sensitive Drawing

The new 3D Touch now will let draw in a whole new way on your smartphone. You can now draw lines of varying thickness depending on how hard yo press on the screen. Drawing while pressing harder will result in thicker lines while drawing with a lighter hand will result in thinner lines.


Highlighting text is always a difficult task even on big smartphones but iPhone 6S users won’t be facing this problem anymore. You can simply press on the keyboard to convert it into a trackpad which you can then use for navigation. Pressing a little hard on the trackpad will automatically start highlighting text and you can then use it like a mouse cursor.⁠⁠[11/2/20

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