Apple iPad Pro vs. Apple 12-inch Macbook Retina

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With the release of Apple’s latest offering in the tablet segment, many people were supreised and amazed. The reason was the sheer size of the latest addition to the iPad family, the iPad Pro which measures 13”. Yes, you read it right.

The Apple iPad Pro measures 13 inches in diameter and the size is not the only thing which has been bumped up with this new iPad. The device features the all new A9X which by far has been the best tablet chip when it comes to benchmarkas and beat its Windows based competitor, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 by quite a margin. The size combined with amazing performance capabilities have got people wondering: is the iPad Pro a worthy opponent to compell you to sell your Macbook Retina? We’ll find out.

To begin with, let us introduce to the fact that Apple released the Apple Smart Keyboard for the iPad Pro to increase the device’s functionality which makes it a viable option to replace your Macbook. Another feature which favors the iPad Pro is the battery life.

The 12-inch Macbook with retina display promises 9 hours of usage while the iPad Pro will last your 10 hours. Not much of a difference but then an hours is nothing we can ignore. Also, the A9X chip used in the iPad Pro is at par with the i5 chip being used in the Macbook so you dont have to worry about the device missing out on performance. With that, the new Apple Pencil is a boon for all the graphic designers and people using Photoshop and other photo editing and designing softwares.

Moving on to the pros of the Macbook, we will always have the added comfort or rather the feeling that we have gotten used to of working on a laptop.

The iPad now does come with an Apple keyboard and third party keyboards too have been available for some time but people using these third party keyboards have been often seen complaining about the keyboards not being tactile and missing a space button to reduce the size of the keyboard. Also, the keyboard doesnt allow you to change the viewing angle of the screen.

After considering all these factors, the one factor that you should always keep in mind is the cost of the device.

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