Rumored IPad Pro 9.7 Inch Camera Comparison With IPad Pro 12.9 Inch

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Secrets are not well kept in the smartphone industry and when it comes to Apple, we always have someone or the other tipping the world about their new products. Sometimes we even get lucky with a leaked photo or two but most of the times we have to do with rumors. This is another one of those times. Yes, we have some rumors about an Apple product and its none other than the iPad Pro.

Rumors say that the largest yet iPad, the 12.9 inch iPad Pro is set to be released in a smaller 9.7 inch version. Sources also say that the smaller version will be pretty much be like its larger cousin and might eve feature some improvements. Though it is unlikely that Apple will release a new iPad into the same category as the recently released iPad Air 3, but assuming the rumor to be true we went ahead and tried to dug out some details.

Apart from the size reduction, other features are expected to be the same. You will most probably see the 12 MP camera on the back with 4K video recording capabilities. Though there is no proof of it yet, we might even get to see 3D Touch that made its debut on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on the new iPad Pro. However, we doubt it will be called the “iPad Pro” anymore as the large size made it more professional and a lot more suitable for much of the professional work.

Another reason of the name iPad Pro was the support for Apple Pencil which let professionals like graphic designers and visual artists make some good use of all the processing power in the iPad Pro and put it to use. So you can expect to see support for Apple hardware such as the Apple Pencil and keyboard on the new smaller iPad Pro.

With that said, we can’t be too sure about the existence of this new iPad. These rumors turn out to be true most of the times but we have been disappointed a lot of times too. So don’t sell MacBook that you own just yet to make space for this new iPad yet as this might just be a hoax.

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