Lawyers Break Down Sexual Abuse Cases

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Sexual assaults are predominant ongoing crisis in various parts of United States and many lawyers have emerged of late who specializes in rescuing people in the legal battles of sexual abuse. A conviction for sexual assault can lead upto ten years of imprisonment in various parts like Toronto, Ontario. Incarceration of the convicted is not only the effect of such assaults but the person becomes a negative stigma in the society preventing him from applying for jobs and other benefits for being a sexual predator. Many a times the person is forced to leave his country as he becomes a social taboo.  Sexual assault lawyers fight for people against sexual assault, sexual interference, exploitation and other offenses.

Sam Goldstein, a famous Toronto sexual assault lawyer believes the defense of the person sentenced is extremely important. Charges don’t always lead to convictions. If the person believes the allegations against him are false and fake, he gets a chance to express himself. For this a clear knowledge of all possible defenses, thorough preparation, pretrial investigation and smart and professional cross-examination is required.Lawyer Donna V. Pledge says the possible defenses for sexual assault charges use dare:


False Charges:

The convicted enjoys the assumption of innocence until the prosecutor has proved him guilty. Often it is seen police men along with the victim draws down to a wrong person due to wrong identification and at times the victim makes up and exaggerates on the plot and an innocent person gets convicted. An alibi for your whereabouts can come handy in such case or a witness who can prove you weren’t at that location at the time of the event. If the victim gets a DNA test done, it is wise to get your DNA test done as that can give the solid undeterred proof of your false charges.


There are times when a sexual involvement has actually taken place and the tricky part is that a DNA test cannot be of any use. While the victim says it was an attempted rape or assault the convicted might say it was consensual. In such case technology plays the treasure trove of defense evidence. Previous text messages, emails or voice mails may contain conversationspre and post the occurrence of the event proving it consensus. Witnesses are also helpful as they might prove the whereabouts of the two people, whether they were involved in a romantic relationship etc.

Mental Incapacity:

Though not a very used defense, sometimes mental incapacity can be used to prove a mentally unstable person not- guilty of assault. The convicted might come up with an explanation that he was not able to understand that the sexual occurrence was not consensual.

Some eminent people like Sean Hern, the sexual assault lawyer for the west jet flight case turned the suit of Ms. Lewis who alleges in her statement of being sexually assaulted by a pilot who had earlier assaulted another woman into a class action that would include other women lodging similar complaints. Attorney John C.Manly has been working on cases of sexual abuse victims for more than fifteen years has stood up for the rights of survivors of abuse and also provides aggressive legal help on behalf of his clients.

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