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Movie Box is a serious contender for the likes of Netflix when it comes to watching movies or shows online for free given high quality choices. It has a huge fan following for its commendable, varied content ranging from popular shows with quite updated content till the last episode to the blockbuster movies. There are different genres at one’s disposal ranging from horror, thriller, and sci-fi drama to RomComs, all in one app! The USP of this App is that it is all-FREE!

For those who have switched to streaming when it comes to listening to music, watching shows and movies; Netflix and Hulu Plus are the most “on-your-face” and convenient platforms available. But keep in mind that they are also easily and directly downloadable and do not have the “illegal” or “fuzzy” tags attached to them. Given that MovieBox is not directly available on the App store but has to be “sideloaded”, the reason as to why and how will be described below; we therefore provide a few ways to get the Movie Box App to your iOS device:

  1. Go ahead with the Jailbreak option and get it installed into your iOS device.
  2. Use “sideloading” technique, i.e., owners of the app upload it onto their websites and thereafter request Apple for a certificate to let the app run on iOS devices. The technique was initially launched to let the option of a “limited release” for app developers or to have only “authorized” users download the app for certain reasons. But with the advent of more updated iOS versions, Apple seems to have spotted these loopholes and has become stricter in this regard. Therefore, websites like vShare and Pyger assist one in sideloading these apps, including Movie Box, through Safari.

How to download using vShare:

  • Using Safari, access vShare.

  • Click on the Download (Unjailbroken) button and eventually vShare would start sideloading.

  1. Click on the sideloadedv Share and search for Movie Box on the search bar.
  2. Tap on the Movie Box app as it appears on the results list. Install it.
  3. Now download it using the “Download” button at the bottom of the screen.
  4. Now the Movie Box will be installed to your iOS device.

The App has its movie library growing overtime and sometimes even catering to niche audiences.  Its tab “News” helps one in tracking video files. The best flexibility offered is availability of the option to stream as well as download movies/shows. One can also ask any movie to be added using the option “Order”.

The App has been constantly updating itself thus preventing itself from the risk of bugs and errors. Thus users can be rest assured to watch movies uninterrupted with a corresponding movie library that is growing overtime.

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